For delivery zones and rates, click on here. Call 647-771-0669 to book a delivery. Since 2010 Red Riding Goods Ltd. has been delivering catering, restaurant takeout food, coffee beans, baked goods, juice, bike parts, packages, and more. We deliver the goods with top-notch customer service at a competitive price.

What is a cargo bike? We use the two-wheeled Bullitt with a capacity is up to 120 kg / 250 lbs per bike, or four 30 cm x 30 cm x 60 cm insulated food carriers. That’s enough space for hot or cold catering for 100 people, but we can still flow past downtown congestion and park right at the door like a normal bike. Long but narrow, strong but light, it’s the right bike for the job.

Beans on two wheels

Loaded up with coffee

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